Australian Poetry


John was born in Western Australia and was educated at Perth Boys High School.
He lived for many years in Tasmania and more recently he and his wife have been living on the Gold Coast, Queensland.
He began writing poetry one day about 10 years ago during a "lull" at work.
His other interests include (like most Australian males) AFL football, Cricket and Rugby League.
For the last few years he has been involved in writing and performing poetry, as well as song-writing and writing musical plays.

In September 2004 John received an "Editor's Choice Award" for excellence

In January 2005 John was honoured with a nomination as "International Poet of the Year"

John's work has been published in various books and magazines as well as a children's book "The Adventures of The Skooters" (ISBN 064639995-0 Published by Skooters Productions).
His original self published book of poetry has sold out is no longer in print ( F.N Queensland and other comic verses) however it will be re-printed during 2006.

John's personal "high" of achievement was having a poem published in an Australian educational book, "English Outcomes 2" (ISBN 0-7339-1727-5 Published by Pearson Education) currently being read by year 9 students.

Currently John is collaborating on a musical play with internationally known Concert Pianist Ian Franklin

Ian Franklin and John Reddin have written several songs together such as "Real Men" "The Bravest Thing" , and, "As the Sun goes Down"
All have had extensive airplay on radi

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